Journal of Personalized NanoMedicine

Journal of Personalized NanoMedicine (JPNM) is an international peer reviewed official journal of the Society of Personalized Nanomedicine ( in the area of discoveries in nanotechnology and personalized NanoMedicine approach for biomedical application and at the point of care to improve the personalized health needs. The aims parallel that of the Society for Personalized NanoMedicine which is devoted to motivate young researchers, scientists and promote research & development by organizing conferences/symposiums and meetings focused on nanotechnology based personalized NanoMedicine and to disseminate informations that help to tailor intervention to patient and disease specific needs.

The scope of this journal is to provide a common platform that includes all primary and novel nanoscaled smart materials of unique properties and design/development of efficient nano drug carriers for delivery of therapeutic agents to target areas. Further, theoretical and experimental results of studies related to precision health care are also explored in this journal. JPNM invites original articles, editorials, commentary, prospectives, technical notes, commercialization notes, reviews, mini-reviews, communications, and research papers. Journal website also publishes news related to recent development in nanotechnology, diagnostics,imaging, theranostics and major breakthroughs in therapeutics, public health announcements and funding opportunities along with ethical issues.

JPNM covers various prospects of NanoMedicine, clinical applications, and diagnostics. The covered research areas in journal can be categorized mainly as smart nanomaterials, biomaterials, nanotechnology for biomedical application, nanotoxicity assessment, nano-drug formulation, methodologies for drug delivery, controlled drug delivery, custom designed therapeutics agents, imageguided therapeutics, personalized health care, personalized NanoMedicine, cross disciplinary approach in personalized NanoMedicine, theoretical and experimental prospects and population based studies for public health. Since JPNM is the official journal of the society, all the events associated with the society will be advertised in the journal web site in a timely fashion.

Ethical Policies

Though the journal is under open access model, strictly follow and uphold the publication ethics. Journal publishes high quality papers that are accepted from peer-review process by independent reviewers. Journal editorial office or editorial board withholds the rights to reject any manuscript from publication that found to be plagiarized or copied. Therefore, all the authors submitting their manuscripts with prescribed cover letter, in which acknowledge potential conflict of interests with the work and possible benefits of it, if any.